Sugar is a sweet-tasting natural substance made by plants. Emulsifier makes food more appetizing by improving appearance and consistency.

1. Guar Gum Powder 2. Jaggery 3. Khandasi Sugar 4. Soya Lecithin 5. Sugar


Kalingaagro offers Organic Soya lecithin which is 100% certified Organic Emulsifier, produced from Soyabean Oil after degumming process. Organic Emulsifiers are used in Food, Pharma and Cosmetics Industry. Smooth texture on Ice Cream and Chocolate are due to Organic Emulsifiers. Also, lip gel and balms are some of the applications apart from others.

Kalingaagro’s Organic Sugarcane is grown in Sugarcane growing area of Uttar Pradesh, which has condusive soil for high yield. Our Organic Sugar is available in White, Brown and Golden colour Crystals. We offer Sulphur Free Organic Sugar. Government of India has imposed Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers and we in Kalingaagro pay premium for the Organic Cultivation thus bringing better quality of life to the farmers who support our endevor and Vision.

No chemical is being applied to clean the sugar and its impurities. organic sugar is an excellent substitute of normal sugar we get in market and is produced in complete different manner.